Auriga Perseus

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The Auriga section of the Perseus arm, commonly called Auriga-Perseus, is rimward from Earth in the Beta quadrant across twelve sectors of voidspace. The area is much younger than the rest of the Beta and Alpha quadrants. New stars, systems, and astronomical objects are all are more prominent here than elsewhere in the galaxy - as are various anomalies and dangers. However, life thrives here as it does in so many other sections of the galaxy. At the very edge of this section is the Federation outpost of Seppala Station, and Golovin Colony. These are the only ports in a very unknown section of the universe.

Known Locations

The Golovin System is home of the United Federation of Planets Rimward Exploration Initiative.

Barataria is a consortium aerostat base in a small system, located hidden on a Class N moon orbiting a Gas Giant.

The Cyen System is a solar system in the Auriga roughly twenty light years from Golovin.

Nebula GCS 113 a large nebula in the Golovin sector.

Unnamed Locations

An unnamed system was the site of a battle between the USS Shanghai-A and a Protectorate vessel during the disastrous first contact between the two in 2391.

An unnamed system was detected as one possible habitable planet with signs of life. A Protectorate attack caused a spike in the chroniton radiation in the area, and no further signals have been detected from the planet.