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The Protectorate is a regional power within Auriga Perseus. They are highly territorial and xenophobic, with a clear strategy of terror to keep their planets in line. Their liberal use of impossibly dangerous technology, such as Chroniton Weapons is frightening, but perhaps the most unsettling thing about them is their willingness to use repurposed Borg technology, despite having seen the dangers that poses to the people under their control. The exact motivations of these people is unknown, but it is assumed that they operate primarily with a desire to keep their power in the hands of a few. They are led by a fanatical and pseudo-religious organization known as the Convocation.

Known Member Species

  • The Corvian
  • The Rana
  • Many others, though the exact number is unknown.

Known Member Worlds

  • Unknown. Presumably the Corvian and Rana homeworlds, and the old Edasichian world.

Former Member Species

Former Member Worlds