The Protectorate

From USS Shanghai Database

The Protectorate are a major power in Auriga Perseus. They are a union of multiple species who were brought together to face the Borg threat in the region. A militaristic power, they are very keen on protecting their territory from outside forces. They are notably reckless in their use of reverse-engineered Borg technology and Chroniton weaponry.

Species of the Protectorate

These are the member species of the Protectorate with which contact has been made. However, intelligence indicates there are more to be discovered.


The Corvian people are warriors. They maintain their power through force, and are not afraid to use exceptional displays of it when pushed even a little bit. They are considered incredibly dangerous by Starfleet.


The Cyen people are a smaller species. They act as the first contact species of the Protectorate, and are known traders in the region. As a people, they value community and freedom of expression and press, and may be the most like the Federation out of the region.


The founding species of the Protectorate, the Edasichian Homeworld and its people were eradicated to stop the advance of the Borg. Otherwise, little is known about them by the Federation.


The Rana are a legalistic and largely enigmatic people. They have a fanatical devotion to the Convocation of the Protectorate, which manifests as nearly religious structure in their day to day lives.