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The USS Shanghai was destroyed by an Orion Carrier over Akilor in 2388. Many of the crew were killed, but just as many were pulled through a rupture in subspace. Needing a ship, Admiral Relau Chlan was able to have another vessel prepared swiftly. A Vesta Class had been prepared, but was quickly rechristened as the USS Shanghai-A. During its first few years, it served as a standard bearer for the Admiral, but when due a refit the Admiral chose to step down. Captain Sun Mei Xiang stepped in to take the reins, having served as her Executive Officer for years.

The refit was extensive, changing the USS Shanghai from its role as an Admiral's flagship to a veritable mothership. With an experienced command team, and a lineage of flight operations, the ship was refitted to serve as a hybrid carrier and explorer. The ship was chosen to be the lead vessel in the Rimward Exploration Initiative in Auriga Perseus.

The USS Shanghai-A serves as home to the 464th Aerospace Group as well as the Echo Company, of the 13th Marine Corps Reconnaissance Battalion stationed in Auriga Perseus.

Main Cast of Characters

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Auxiliary Craft

Type 11 Shuttle

  • Annie Jump
  • Mayweather

Type 18 Shuttlepod

  • Garneau
  • Saint-Jacques

Danube Class Runabouts

  • Juno

Venture Class Scouts

  • Shackleton